Heume, Nature Revealer
talking to nature

Heme Naturum- She is called 'Heme Naturum' (hey-ooh'-may nah-tour'-um) by all those within the nature realm and the fairies. The meaning of her name and her chosen purpose is to reveal nature to you.

Heme is an Omnidialoguer, and returns us to the Source where we can dialogue with everything. "Gather your insight from nature itself -- the herb knows its own purpose," says Heme.

Schooled by master teachers of many realms, she has now been given specific lessons for you to communicate with the incredible realms of nature and fairies.

Reconnect with who you were before. For thousands of years, civilizations have been connecting to a source, a place that each person finds -- where plants, clouds, fairies, humans, animals, and more -- all communicate with each other, just like you and I talk.

Heme will take you on a journey. Walk where welcoming nature dwellers open their doors and share their expansive knowledge with you.

The trail continues through the fairy realm, where these habitants bring you joy and clarity. Their primary purpose today, is to help Earth by helping you. You are in the presence of nature and fairy guidance...you know its going to be fun.

Heume, nature revealer
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